As a mature student going back to sit Leaving Certificate maths, it was a very daunting prospect as I needed to cover a two year curriculum in nine months. I started weekly grinds with Results Matter where the tutor came to my own home at a time that suited me. I found the tutor to be an expert in delivering the maths curriculum in a way that didn’t overwhelm me and he took time work on the areas that I struggled in. Results Matter were very professional, patient and most importantly encouraging and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Vicci (Student)

I did Applied Maths grinds with Results Matter for 5th Year and I found them extremely useful. The coursework was very easy to understand as you could ask questions as needed throughout the class. I’m continuing with these grinds for 6th Year and I already feel very prepared for the Leaving Cert!

Sarah (Student)

Stephen helped me enormously with Physics & Chemistry. All topics well explained.  Teaching method Top Class. With his help, I achieved my goal.  Well worth the Grind!

Shane (Student)

I have recommended Kevin to all my friends and will continue to do so.  He gave my sister and myself grinds in maths for the leaving cert and both of us achieved high grades all thanks to Kevin.!!  His teaching methods are top class and has no problem answering any questions or helping where needed. He actually made maths grinds fun!

Jennifer (Student)

Classes with Kevin were worth every penny and every minute. I rose four grades over the 9 months of weekly classes and was confident throughout my exams. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Rory (Student)

The grinds that I received from Kevin Buckley were without a doubt the reason my maths improved so much. I got a H6 in my mocks and jumped to a H3 in the leaving certificate. I started to attend the lessons after my mocks in late February and continued until the leaving certificate started, I also attended the lessons over Easter. If I had been going to the grinds from the start of sixth year I know I could have gotten a much better grade.

Seán (Student)

I received maths grinds from Kevin while I was in my Leaving Cert year. His ability to both teach and simplify maths is what helped me to gain the confidence I needed for my exams. Kevin’s work was invaluable to me and helped me to succeed in my Leaving Cert. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs some help with their maths!

Sheana (Student)

Kevin has been brilliant coming out and doing maths grinds with my son for the Leaving cert. He is a very pleasant man and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him anytime.

Maeve (Parent)

I received maths and physics grinds from Kevin. I was contemplating dropping physics as a subject as I found it very difficult out but with the help of Kevin I achieved a H3 in my leaving cert and got into the course I wanted. Very reliable and has helpful tips and tricks to do well in the exams. Highly recommend

Jennifer (Student)

The grinds I got off Results Matters helped me to achieve what I wanted in my Leaving Cert.

Aaron (Student)

My son found Kevin very helpful for leaving cert honours maths and was well able to achieve his grade in maths required for his course.

Catherine (Parent)

I found the maths grinds very good.. Really helped me for my JC.. Would not  have managed to do the honours  maths paper & get a good result without the help of Kevin..

Aoife (Student)

This is the second year my son is getting Maths & Physics support from Kevin. It’s absolutely great to have all the subject problems resolved by a professional person who has lots of patience in explaining every aspect and is so dedicated to his job.  100% recommended!

– Maria (Parent)

My daughter took on Physics half way through 5th year with Results Matter tutor Kevin Buckley.  She had no prior experience of the subject except to Junior Cert.  Kevin has worked patiently and consistently with her since January 2017.  He very quickly identified her strengths and weaknesses and works to get the best out of her.   Kevin’s focus is on instilling confidence in his students.  I see this confidence in my daughter, and look forward to a good result in the Leaving Cert.

-Elaine (Parent)

My daughter  received maths grinds from Kevin three years ago when she was doing her Leaving Cert. He was amazing, he was patient with her and explained everything thoroughly….sometimes several times!!! She was nervous about the exams and Kevin gave her great assurance about her ability to do well….and she did, she is in her final year in Mary I in Limerick and intends to specialise in  Child Physiology next year….I honestly could not recommend Kevin highly enough. Thanks again

Catherine (Parent)

My son received maths grinds from Kevin for his Junior Cert and he was very happy with his results. Kevin  is very down to earth and my son found him easy to relate too. I would highly recommend Kevin.

-Catherine (Parent)

My son received Maths grinds from Kevin last year during his leaving cert year. I would highly recommend Kevin. We were so happy with the results of this tuition. My son found Kevin had great patience and made maths very understandable to him.

-Rhonda (Parent)

I have already recommended Kevin to my friends and will continue to do so. His teaching methods are the best I’ve had. His ability to explain both Math and Chemistry topics in different ways has successfully helped me get the results I needed in my Leaving Cert.

-Charlotte (Student)

My daughter has never learned her maths as well from any other maths teacher – Kevin explains things in a way that makes maths easy to understand. We recommend him !

– Steph (Parent)

I received grinds from Kevin for Maths and Chemistry at Leaving Cert level. His ability to give students simplicity in understanding the most complex of topics is unrivalled from my experience. I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking help in the areas of Maths & Science!

-Rory (Student)

Maths was always something I struggled with, but the way Kevin taught it was far more simplified than how I found teachers would over complicate things in school. You would learn more from Kevin in an hour than you’d learn in school in a week. Would highly recommend to anyone.

-Donal (Student)

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